Pure tin pieces

Bulk goods anodes for galvanic tin-plating baths.
Our alternative to conventionally cast pellets, half-spheres or balls.

Made from Sn of at least 99.9% (according to DIN 1704 or DIN EN 610)
Also available in low-lead quality

Dimensions: approx. 15 x 15 mm
Length: variable, from 15 mm up to 45 mm

Your benefits:

  • Very good solution behaviour
  • No holes or pores
  • Produced using a special casting method, therefore very low oxide levels
  • Considerably less sludge in your baths
  • Cost- and work hours savings through less frequent bath cleaning

Packaging units:

  • In paper sacks á 15 - 25 kg
  • Loosely poured into pallet cages

You are welcome to contact us with your alternative requirements.